Wednesday 6 March 2013

The Architecture illustration of André Chiote

To "simbolize and summarize" was the challenge that the Portuguese architect André Chiote proposed himself - his illustrations isolate the differentiating elements of several reference Architecture projects.

After being contacted by our blog, André Chiote kindly gave us a brief statement about his work: "Taking architecture as a motto and as an icon, I developed a set of images where I intended both to underline the unmistakable and iconic side of a building, and to create a graphic composition whose presence takes hold beyond the building itself." To the Portuguese newspaper Público André had said that "the choice of buildings to work relates to the recognition that they have in the collective memory of architects, and with the graphical capability that certain building contains."

Below we publish the architecture illustrations ceded by André Chiote. Consult the architect's blog to have access to other of its projects.


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