Friday, 21 December 2012

Charging batteries for 2013 - MERRY XMAS

DIMSCALE will be out of office until January 2nd. This period will be availed for "charging batteries" for the next year. 2012 was a year of learning and a year to delineate new strategies. We see the next year as a year of realized opportunities and new paths. We want to share our optimism with our clients and partners, because, when facing difficulties, we all have to be part of the solution!

We wish a MERRY XMAS to everyone and a great 2013!

Friday, 14 December 2012

ShelterbyGG - a habitable sculpture

This project was created by the artist Gabriela Gomes to integrate Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture. The challenge was to bring to the public space an habitable object, with sculptural and Design characteristics.

This module includes a double bedroom, a WC and a multipurpose zone at the centre of the interior space. It presents a strong aesthetic component, given by its peculiar form. The module was built only with Portuguese materials, mostly cork, that assured the acoustic and thermal efficiency. 

This project crosses Sculpture, Design and also Architecture - was also worked by the architect Sérgio Bessa. It also has a slope related to the sustainability: this module can be installed anywhere and be totally independent, due to the solar panels that give electrical energy to the habitation. Also, all the materials used in the construction are eco-friendly. 

We met the creators of this project also at Projecto Casa 2012. Check out more information on the official website (

All the photos above were taken by João Morgado.



Thursday, 13 December 2012

New partner in the Architecture reportage area - ARCHMOV

ARCHMOV was launched recently by the Portuguese Architecture photographer Ivo Tavares. We met Ivo and his project at the tradeshow Projecto Casa, where we had the opportunity to talk about possible partnerships between us. ARCHMOV is a concept of Architecture in Motion, which features the video format as an alternative to the photographic reportage.

Consult ARCHMOV's website to watch the first video of the project.

"The ARCHMOV team believes that can help you to empower your business by transforming your architecture projects into video, and spread them worldwide. 

ARCHMOV uses internet power and video performance to reach and connect with a large network of fans, equal peers, enterprises and potencial clients. Our goal is to reveal your architecture projects in a small presenteation video on the web, attracting an audience of millions who interact, work, post, discuss and share trough social media."

- in ARCHMOV website (

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The third team farewell

Congratulations for the work of all members of this third team. Good luck with your future projects, we hope to meet again soon!
On the top of the stairs (from the left) is David Brownstein from Scotland, Tatiana Dourado from Portugal and Céline Marchi from France. On the bottom (also from the left) is Marco Paolini from Italy and Luis Torrescano from Mexico.

DIMSCALE at Projecto Casa tradeshow

We were present at the tradeshow Projecto Casa 2012 at Exponor (Matosinhos - Portugal), as partners of Arrebita! Porto. The event happened this year between the 6th and 9th of December. This is a tradeshow aimed at the Architecture and Design sectors, having been present several innovative projects related to this area, service and constructive solutions providers and several designers.

The stand of Arrebita! Porto, which was based on a maritime container freight, aimed to reproduce the original design studio. The team of international architects and engineers settled in on this studio during the four days of the fair. The objective of this presence was to disseminate the concept and the work already done, as well as the partners involved. Regarding the disclosure of the partners, was made ​​available to visitors several catalogs and product samples.

By day 8th, was held at stand an Open Working Day, where various partners made ​​a point of the work situation, together with the team. Our presence at the fair also served to make some contacts with other projects related to Architecture, wich we'll also divulge on this blog.

This was the last public event of this third team. At the beginning of the next year, a new team of international architects and engineers will arrive.

Some photos of our presence at the tradeshow: