Friday, 1 March 2013

CONSTRUCTIVE SOLUTIONS - Decorative Plate Glass by "WidinGlass"

Today we start a new rubric on our blog, in which we'll talk about different constructive solutions.

In our daily work we deal with several constructive solutions - our Financial Project Management service provides with the advice of the most suitable constructive solutions that meet with the project's objectives, at the conceptual, quality and financial levels. DIMSCALE's professionals have several years of experience on managing work on site projects, contributing in this way with their technical knowledge for a more effective project management.

Decorative Plate Glass by "WidinGlass"

WIDINGLASS emerged in late 2009, in order to differentiate themselves in the area of solutions for decorative plate glass. Dedicated to the premium market in the areas of architecture and interior design, provides with products for indoor and outdoor solutions.

This solution enables designers, decorators and architects to apply this product in various forms: partitions, shower screens, doors, finishes, backlit panels, furniture and other decorative pieces. Often resorts to digital print technology and the use of ceramic support in the design of custom decorative products, making each
project unique and ensuring the exclusivity of each piece. The thickness of the product can vary from 8 to 30 mm. The printed designs can be conjugated with different types of transparencies and visual effects.

Learn more at WidinGlass website and follow their products' applications on Facebook. 


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