Wednesday, 30 January 2013

TECHNICAL FILES: Project Management, Financial Project Management and Quantity Surveying

Our consultancy services are directed to Architecture offices and to Real Estate developers and investors. Safeguarding the project's final quality and the concept drawn by the designer, our goal is to reduce the capital invested on each project and to control all the costs involved, from the design phase to the project's conclusion.

Our three main services are connected between them, making up an integrated consultancy service that begins in the project's quantification and ends in its cost control during all its phases, passing through a consultancy process that takes into account several aspects such as the constructive solutions and the compatibilization between specialties.
Project Management and Financial Project Management

The Project Management applies to all phases of a project life (Conception / Planning, Realization and Utilization/Exploitation), and guarantees that goals are achieved at every stage of the project. The Financial Project Management, which is part of the Project Management applied to the reality of Construction, has as main objectives to ensure the project quality, the optimization of the available capital and the control of all costs stipulated. It represents an added-value for real estate investor in terms of capital savings and reducing the risk associated with budget overruns.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying is the basis of the work developed on Financial Project Management. The project is quantified and analyzed, aiming to identify inconsistencies and missing information. It is made to reconcile the written and drawn information from all specialties, and made the necessary adjustments in conjunction with the designer. Measurements are formalized through a set of documents that are delivered to the promoter, and which serve as a reference in the context of execution of work. The work on Quantity Surveying phase is reflected throughout the project development, having particular impact in its budgetary aspects.

DIMSCALE's rehabilitation process at the Pombaline zone of Lisbon is an example of a project that has being followed since its design phase. These consultancy services are applicable to projects with different dimensions - they are an added-value either to small and large scale projects.


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