Wednesday, 9 January 2013

DIMSCALE - Where We Come From

Artur Sousa - CEO DIMSCALE - Architect and Project Manager
DIMSCALE arises from our experience and training in the areas of project management, supervision,  Quantity Surveying and Architecture, and is presented as a response to a set of necessities for managing projects of Architecture and Construction. Based on the trust relationships we have with the people we work with, our mission is to bring real added value to projects.

We combine technical expertise resulting from over 20 years of experience with training in Architecture, allowing us to speak the same language as our customers wich in turn allows us to better understand the concept of each project. As a result we are able to better manage the conceptual, technical and economic aspects of each project, wich will lead to a higher consistency, credibility and quality of the project.

DIMSCALE specializes in the provision of services of Financial Project Management and Quantity Surveying. Having a strong specialization in the economic area, it ensures at the same time an integrated
management of projects that meet the goals set for its correct execution.

"Our participation in projects translates into capital savings by the real estate
investors, and into the safeguard ofthe final quality and the concept drawn
up by the project designer. " -
Artur Sousa

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