Monday, 14 January 2013

Our work at Arrebita!Porto

Arrebita! Porto is a social project that aims to combat the abandonment of the city center of Oporto, through rehabilitation at zero cost. The project is based on a collaborative system among young international architects and engineers, suppliers of materials and equipment and teachers of universities and technical schools.

DIMSCALE is a partner since the initial stage of the project and is responsible for the Financial Project Management. We have worked directly with the various teams of international architects and engineers who have passed through the project. Although this is a collaborative project that relies on partnerships and donations of goods and services, the optimization and the control of the costs assume great importance to obtain reference values in this area, with a view of replicating this model
in other cities. We have also provided support in the area of consultancy solutions and construction processes as a way to bring the project to the solutions that best fit its needs and architectural concept, always safeguarding the aspect of cost control. All work has been developed based on international standards SMM (Standard Method of Measurement for Building Elements).

This is also a case study on how we have worked with the teams that have been through the project – there was constant monitoring of all phases of the project from the Preliminary Study, which has allowed the collection of a lot of important information that made possible the search for the best technical solutions and more financially advantageous. This work has implications in the short term and long term, particularly in terms of sustainability and profitability of the building.

The project is about to enter the construction on sight phase. Continue to follow our blog to keep in touch with the Arrebita's last news.

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