Thursday 10 January 2013

DIMSCALE - Where To From Here

David Cardoso - Marketing and Communication DIMSCALE
We developed a strategy based on the assertion that a strong financial management is key for the success of any project. This strategy has also passed by the credibility of the work of Quantity Surveying, which in Portugal is not yet considered a project specialty and is often left to second plane. We rely on partnerships with various entities and on the collaboration with a social entrepreneurship project on urban regeneration - the case study Arrebita!Porto. We put into practice
different communication actions that have allowed us a closer and deeper relationship with our customers and partners.

Today we draw a strategy to continue the exploration of new markets and new opportunities to work on reference projects. We bet on the United Arab Emirates and Qatar markets and on the Lusophone
markets (Angola, Mozambique and Brazil).

At the same time, we want to solidify our presence in the Portuguese market, seeking to present our service to new customers as a way to be able to contribute to the success of their national and international projects. We work based on international standards, which are methodologies
applicable in any project worldwide.

"After we had put in place an affirmation strategy of the
importance of our work to the success of the projects, we are
now exploring new markets and new opportunities.”

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