Wednesday, 16 January 2013

First Skype meeting with Arrebita!Porto new team

Yesterday we had the first Skype meeting with the fourth team of Arrebita!Porto, that will be in Porto to work on the project until March. Being all of them architects, they will be responsible to conclude the last details of the project and to initiate the construction on sight phase.

We made an introduction of what is our work in this project: to make sure that all the options meet a rational cost scenario, to quantify all the project, to give conultancy on constructive solutions and processes and to support the project raising the partners necessary for the construction materials, leveraging DIMSCALE's privileged contacts in this area.

The team started their participation by working on some details on CABA (the interior modular unit that will centralize facilities as kitchen, bathroom, laundry and storage). The team wants to give transparency to the ceiling of CABA, in order to leverage either the natural light and the artificial light present on the floors. Also, the team wants to give more visibility (from CABA's interior) to the wood beams on the master ceiling. They proposed a glass structure for this ceiling, knowing beforehand that maybe it would not be the best solution regarding the cost. It was discussed a solution with policarbonate panels, a cheaper and visually good solution.

The talk led to a discussion about fundamental aspects about CABA's appearance, such as the possibility of both walls and ceiling be in policarbonate. This option would have to be validated by the partners in charge of accoustics and energy efficiency. Also it was discussed more solutions to give CABA an unique design: the placing of a "skin" was one of them. This "skin" would be applied over a very simple structure, giving CABA the possibility of being personalized without any limits. DIMSCALE gave some ideas for its materiality, such as cloth, plastic or hessian, given the low cost of apllication and maintenance of this solutions. The team was challenged to come up with other new materials for this idea, so it's time to let the creatives work! 

After, it was made the current situation about new partners raising for the materials and constructive solutions needed.

This meeting was a very good starting point, and the team seems to be completely up to date with the project, so there is no doubt that they will develop great work in this period!

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