Friday, 27 June 2014

DIMSCALE releases ARCH INNOVATION, a project to promote the Portuguese products in the areas of Architecture, Design and Construction

DIMSCALE just released the project ARCH INNOVATION, which promotes a platform for the dissemination and exportation of Portuguese products and solutions in the areas of Architecture, Design and Construction. This project is establishing partnerships with a number of national companies in the industry of materials and constructive solutions, aiming to bring together an integrated offer of products that are complementary to each other. ARCH INNOVATION will focus on the markets of Middle East, United Kingdom and Switzerland, through a strategy of regular presence in the markets and exhibition in reference international tradeshows.

To bring the quality of Portuguese products to the Middle East | The project will focus initially on the market of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE are undergoing intensive development, particularly in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, markets with great receptivity to products that are differentiated by their quality and innovation.

Strategy of regular presence in the market | After identifying a business opportunity were carried out a series of trips to the UAE as a way to gather information about the present offer of products in the market, and also to establish the first contacts and gain an insight into the negotiation ways of the countries of this region. Starting from the gathered information was adopted a strategy based on direct contact and regular market presence, as well as on the participation as exhibitor at the major industry tradeshows.

An integrated range of products and solutions | Through the partnerships that are being established it will be possible to present integrated proposals to the final customer and to gather many types of products on a single supplier. Products and solutions that are integrating this offer are complementary to each other, being invited only one partner for each type of product.   

Project supported by the NSRF | ARCH INNOVATION is being promoted by DIMSCALE, thereby enhancing its experience in the construction industry and its relationships with national brands related with products and constructive solutions. It integrates the company's internationalization project, which is being supported by the NSRF, the Portuguese North Regional Operational Programme and the European Regional Development Fund.

United Arab Emirates

ARCH INNOVATION's website - CALL FOR IDEAS divulgation


As a way to define ARCH INNOVATION as an open collaboration project since its inception, it was decided to release an ideas competition for the design of its exhibition stand, open to the entire community of Portuguese architects and designers. The winning work will be exhibited at international tradeshows in the business areas of Architecture and Real Estate, and its author will have a proper divulgation space within the stand and within all communication platforms of the project. The regulation and other information are also available on ARCH INNOVATION's website.

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