Friday, 6 June 2014

A sports and leisure new project for an abandoned football field in Lisbon

The Portuguese Architecture collective "Projeto Warehouse" won the PLAYSCAPES' competition (students category) promoted by Building Trust International. This group of Architecture students proposed a Sports and leisure space built up from wooden pallets to be implemented in an abandoned football field ("Campo das Salésias") in the city of Lisbon. The space was used by the city's football club "Os Belenenses" since 1928 and until 1956, being abandoned since then.

This group of architects intended to present a project that could be viable enough to be executed - in this way "Projeto Warehouse" is now searching for funding to implement this project, being the crowdfunding platforms a starting point. The collective is producing a video in which it is intended to show the perspective of the club's associates and the people that live nearby.

"Projeto Warehouse" was formed with the premise of producing experimental Architecture with a strong practical component and very sensible to the people's actual needs. The collective is planning a series of initiatives like the land's cleaning and the experimental implementation with a very reduced number of pallets - in order to execute the project like it was designed it would be necessary about 1000 wooden pallets.

Vintage image of "Campo das Salésias" and Matateu (legendary "Belenenses" football player), in contrast with today's abandonment situation

Presented proposal by "Projeto Warehouse"
Presented proposal by "Projeto Warehouse"

Below we share the proposal's panels, in which "Projeto Warehouse" established a connection between the space's memory and the content of the proposal, as well as the different wooden pallets elements and respective parts and functions.

Click on the images for a magnified visualization.

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