Friday, 20 June 2014

"Cozinha Comunitária Terras da Costa" - a Social Architecture project for a community of 500 people

"Cozinha Comunitária Terras da Costa" is a social project promoted by Projeto Warehouse and ateliermob. It addresses to a community of 500 people (including 100 children) that lives without water supply, sanitation and between precarious constructions. This neighborhood with about 30 years of existence ("Terras da Costa") is located near a beach area in the city of Almada, in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal.

This project is focused on the construction of a community kitchen and also on the creation of a public space that allows the inhabitants to enjoy leisure and social activities, taking into account that a good part of the adults and children spend the whole day in this location.

In March 2014 the team concluded the first stage of the construction (community kitchen) and assured the water supply to the community, already counting on a set of partnerships, among them with the local City Hall. This work group is working on the establishment of the necessary partnerships and funding to the beginning of the construction's second phase.

The Architecture proposal is composed by a four-modules plan, disposed in "U" shape and with a green space and a children's playground in the central zone. The proposal is composed by the following modules/construction phases:

1 - Closed community kitchen and covered exterior space
2 - Entrance porch, covered multipurpose space and community laundry space
3 - Covered area designed for barbecue facilities and dining tables
4 - Resident's committee room and bathrooms

The project team is reachable to anyone that wants to be part of it. To volunteer for the organization of workshops contact atelier mob through Diana Pereira (between 3:30PM and 6:30PM, Lisbon hour) in the mobile phone +351 91 361 19 08. For voluntary work related with construction contact Ricado Morais from Projecto Warehouse in the mobile phone +351 91 473 52 52. Both atelier mob and Projeto Warehouse are also reachable by e-mail: /

Follow the project through its Facebook page, available in the link

aerial view of the neighborhood
cleaning works
disassembly of a structure in Casa do Vapor (collectif EXYZT)
construction of the first module
first module

proposal presented by the work team

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