Friday, 14 March 2014

Partnership with Rés do Chão - rehabilitation works about to begin

As communicated in the past weeks DIMSCALE established a partnership with the project Rés do Chão, being the first company to be in its partners list. This project aims to be an active solution to the abandonment problem of several areas of the city of Lisbon, proposing its intervention on the ground floors of some of the buildings in these conditions. The project is composed by four Portuguese architects and it won a prize awarded by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (FAZ - Ideias de Origem Portuguesa) which adressed a challenge to Portuguese people living abroad to come up with new ideas/projects for the country.

It will be focused in a first stage on a particular zone, which the project found that meets the requirement of the balance between abandonment and development potential. This zone is located near the riverside, between Santos and Cais do Sodré - the project already identified a wide number of abandoned ground floors and the respective owners, as well as the current status of these spaces (see map below).

Rés do Chão already picked a ground floor to establish its main office, which will be the first space to test the project's concept of coworking and multiple and flexible utilisation of each ground floor. This space is located in Rua do Poço dos Negros (between Santos and Chiado) and was a traditional grocery store before going out of business in the last years. DIMSCALE is helping Rés do Chão already in this first project team regarding the following points:

  • Application of cost models in order to suggest the most efficient constructive systems and constructive solutions, taking into consideration both the cost and the time of execution, which in this case are two very important aspects;
  • Provide all the necessary Quantity Surveying work to correctly quantify the whole project;
  • Help with the selection of materials and to contact with the respective suppliers;
  • Construction phase management focusing on the accomplishment of the goals related with cost and execution time and safeguarding the quality and concept of the project, which in this case intends to create an enjoyable space and to maintain the identity of the space, changing only what is really necessary to assure its functionality.
DIMSCALE and Rés do Chão are now working together in this first project, being already agreed to extend the partnership to the following ground floors, which will be rehabilitated and managed by Rés do Chão. Below we present the photos of this first space.

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