Friday, 7 March 2014

Architecture For Dogs - making people and dogs happy

Architecture For Dogs is a project developed by the graphic designer Kenya Hara together with Imprint Lab. It has the objective to extend the scope of Architecture into a new context like the improvement of the interaction between human and dog - Architecture For Dogs has been partening with some of the most well-known architects such as Sou Fujimoto and Kazuyo Sejima. Today on our blog we share the contribution from the architect Sou Fujimoto. The complete list of ideas (and respective information) can be found on the project's website.

We're also sharing the view of Julia Huang (co-founder of the project) about the story and the success of Architecture for Dogs. Follow the project on Facebook!

"No Dog, No Life", by Sou Fujimoto for Boston Terrier

"This is the house where the dog lives, inside the house where the people who own the dog live. This architecture is a living space for the dog, as well as furniture for the people, a garden within the house, as well as a gentle boundary between the people and the dog. Our plan offers a house in which can be combined many different things that arise in the humans’ and dog’s living space, architecture for a space that holds a new abundance. We’ve taken small (7mm) square panels of hinoki [Japanese cypress] to make a grid pattern in which each square is 200mm, to which we’ve attached 2mm-thick transparent acrylic board, in essence creating a structure that looks like a 800mm-cubed shelf. The hollowed out interior section of this lattice functions as the dog’s residence, while on top of the clear shelf are stored various things for either dog or humans: a collar; a dish; books; a plant…. This scenery, in which various things relating to daily life surround the dog, overflows with chances for the dog to proactively get involved in that daily life, and projects a new relationship between humans and dogs. Humans artificially turned dogs into pets. Dogs, as pets, therefore lose their animal understanding. NO DOG, NO LIFE! is a new architectural space meant to act as a framework within which humans and dogs can, as they live together, interact proactively." 

- Sou Fujimoto

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