Friday 10 January 2014

Atelier Central Film - the final release

On last September our blog published the Making Of photos of Atelier Central's video. The final work was finally released and we are very pleased to divulge today this video from our partners.

DIMSCALE was involved in some of the featured projects, as partner of Atelier Central in the area of Quantity Surveying and Cost Management.

"The film introduces ATELIER CENTRAL (AC), and presents a brief summary of the architects' office work. It illustrates four relevant projects in detail, and offers a perspective on the brand image work done for companies such as General Motors, BMW and PSA.

The producers, Bold Creative Studio, and the directors, Daniel Espírito Santo and Tiago Ribeiro, in collaboration with AC, tried to capture and reveal the idea behind each project inception; the idea guiding and structuring each project conception."

- Atelier Central

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