Monday, 25 November 2013

Architecture References - Sugiura House, by Ken Yokogawa Architect & Associates

Sugiura House
Gujo, Japan
Ken Yokogawa Architect & Associates, Japan
Area: 191,45 sqm
Year: 2010
Photos: Shinkenchiku-sha Co. Ltd

Project's description on ARCHDAILY [by the architect]:
"The site for the Sugiura Villa project is located on a hilltop in Hirugano, Gifu Prefecture, and enjoys a panoramic view, spanning more than 180 degrees from east to south. The land is characterized by a beauty deriving from the relentless climate, and is fully covered by snow in the winter. When I first visited the site and realized the snow depth reached up to three meters, I conceived of minimizing the building’s footprint, and of lifting the building.

The lower floor is small, although the second floor is not visible from below, the use of subtle angles and shadows around the staircase area creates a heightened sense of mystery and anticipation, invited by the soft light from upstairs. The second floor is housed under a polyhedral roof and shares two spaces, a private bedroom and public main room.

At the center with a slight angle under the polyhedral roof is the “KANGU,” the core of wet area facilities,. The KANGU divides the floor space into the main room and the bedroom area, and features hidden sliding doors to maintain mutual privacy. These doors can be arranged flexibly in accordance with different situations. Furthermore, atop the KANGU box is a small loft featuring tatami mats. The loft is fully covered by the polyhedral roof, which conveys an expansive sense of space beyond that expected for the loft’s small size. The polyhedral design features not only visual benefits, but also enhances the acoustical properties of the room."

Ken Yokogawa Architect & Associates

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