Thursday, 16 May 2013

Phristina Central Mosque competition: OODA + AND-RÉ proposal

The competition for Phristina Central Mosque (in Kosovo) has been receiving several proposals from architects all around the world. The two Portuguese offices OODA and AND-RÉ decided to present together a proposal for this project. The images, drawings and the project description made by the architects were recently published online. All images are property of OODA and AND-RÉ.

Project description from the architects (published in
"The proposed Mosque stands as an affirmation of these values, resulting in a conceptual coherent solution, materialized in a logical and clear system. The proposal is the outcome of an intense research on the mosque theme, spanning from a profound historical study of cultural heritage, analysing the evolution through time, in the program, in the materiality and form, understanding the different geographical characteristics or the social and urban impacts.

This project responds actively to the proposed goals, accomplishing several standards and conditions, and even going beyond, namely because: it stands as a strong landmark, yet responsible and objective; its is monumental, yet human related by the scale and form; its is conceived for the future, in terms of materials, configuration, capacity, and innovation concept; it embodies tradition in an contemporary approach; it stands out in the landscape, yet without neglecting the surroundings; it is a place that enhances spirituality, but also promotes and embraces a wider social role; it is sustainable and environment friendly; it is adapted to several occupational needs, since it is capable to adapt the scale of the physical space to a versatile number of users, dividing or expanding the space in multiple configurations."

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