Tuesday 14 May 2013

Edificio-Manifesto exhibition - urban regeneration conference in OA

The exhibition Edifício-Manifesto is in the headquarters of Ordem dos Arquitectos - SRS in Lisbon since May 9th, remaining available for free visits until May 16th. This project focus the issue of urban regeneration in the historical centres, giving the example of a rehabilitation process made in Mouraria neighbourhood, in Lisbon.

Today the exhibition is complemented by a conference in which Arrebita!Porto will present the work done so far in the first building of the project. Ateliermob and Artéria will also be part of the conference speakers. DIMSCALE will attend the event, that starts today (May 14th) by 21h30 in Travessa do Carvalho 23, Lisbon (OA - SRS).

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