Friday, 10 May 2013

DIMSCALE training program - the experience of one month abroad

Our team is again complete in DIMSCALE's headquarters! David came back this week from the UK, where he was attending an English course in Broadstairs. We asked him to describe his experience with this training program provided by the company.

"It was an amazing experience! I stayed in Broadstairs for four weeks with the goal of improving my English at writing, speaking and listening levels. I found a school with an one-on-one approach to each student and very professional teachers, so I'd recommend LanguageUk to every person who is seeking to improve its English skills both for personal or professional reasons. I also found a host family that made me feel welcomed over the whole month.

This was a good experience also because of the people I had the pleasure to meet - to be in contact with students from other nationalities gave me some new perspectives and allowed me to know better certain aspects of each culture. During my stay in Broadstairs I met people from Spain, France, Libia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Belgium and other countries. Also the contact with the teachers, the host family and the local community was a very rewarding experience.

Also the location couldn't have been better. Broadstairs is a lovely town in the east coast of England, with beautiful beaches and a very interesting history, with tales of Vikings, smugglers and a close relationship with Charles Dickens, that used to spend time in this town to write some of his books.

I hope to come back to Broadstairs soon and to stay in touch with the people I knew. I'm sure that this training period will be reflected on the efficiency we communicate with our international clients and partners."

David and Daniel (from Germany) receiving the school certificates
The last picture taken, in Heathrow Airport (London)

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