Tuesday, 26 February 2013

DIMSCALE in Arrebita's studio + Visit to Sanitana factory

Last week DIMSCALE went to Porto to work directly with Arrebita Porto's team on the pilot project, that is about to enter the work on site phase. The work was developed in Arrebita's office in the historical center of the city, with both José Paixão and the fourth team composed by Sarah, Ruth, António and Madalena. Later, Arrebita's engineers Rita and Daniel joined our work session. 

We worked with the team on the revision of all written and drawn information, correcting inconsistencies and lacks of information. Was also planned the list of works to present to the contractor and made the compatibilization between all the different specialities. 

This work session was extremely useful because it allowed to make the final adjustments on the projects before its construction phase, avoiding misunderstandings on site and safeguarding the correct execution and the final quality of the project.

During the work session, we were visited by a TV crew from the Portuguese public channel RTP. The journalists were making a story about Arrebita project to be integrated on the TV show "Portugal Aqui Tão Perto", to be broadcasted all around the world through RTP International. The story will also be integrated on the main RTP channel (RTP 1), in the TV show "Aqui Portugal". The shows will air, respectively, tomorrow at night and next Saturday afternoon.

The journalist interviewed Sarah, that spoke about her experience as part of one of the international work teams, and Artur Sousa, that represented DIMSCALE as one of the partners of the project. In this interview, DIMSCALE had the chance to explain why it is important to be a partner of social projects like Arrebita - this is an opportunity to be part of a project that is making an effective difference in the social rehabilitation field and to be in contact with several different people and distinct ways of looking at Architecture.

Having been the first corporate partner of Arrebita, the work that is being done by DIMSCALE is a case study on the cost control approach to social rehabilitation projects in Portugal. In spite of being a project supported on materials and services donations, Arrebita has a real cost. This cost should be optimized and controlled, in order to have future references and for the project to meet with the current rehabilitation market.

On the next day, we were invited to join Arrebita on the visit to Sanitana's factory. Sanitana is one of the most recent Arrebita's partners, that accepted to be part of the project as a material provider. The visit to the factory was conducted by part of the commercial team of Sanitana and it included the complete visit to the production lines of both sanitary crockery and vinyl bathtubes, with the complete explanation of both processes' operation.

Part of DIMSCALE's work on the project is to establish some of the contacts with the needed partners to become materials providers, leveraging the knowledge of our team in this area and the set of contacts we have within these companies. Sanitana was one of the cases in which DIMSCALE intermediated the contact with Arrebita Porto.

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