Friday, 28 February 2014

Designer Gonçalo Prudêncio - furniture collection

We got in touch with the work of the designer Gonçalo Prudêncio after visiting the restaurant Adega dos Canários, located in Lisbon (Cais do Sodré). Designed by Ternullomelo Architects, this rehabilitation project gets its differentiation also through the furniture that presents: the chairs and tables collection designed by Gonçalo Prudêncio, which was named as  We invited Gonçalo to send us his work to be published in our blog, being the result of this contact in today's post.

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We are available to publish the work from designers all over the world, especially in the situations when Design relates with Architecture. Please send your entries to Thank you! from GPOD - Office for Design on Vimeo.

" is a furniture collection designed, manufactured and sold by GPOD | Gonçalo Prudêncio Office for Design.

It is inspired on what Indie represents within the music industry. By remaining independent it conquers the space for pure reflection, and for defining its own set of operating rules – aesthetically and otherwise. Its reflection, more than formal, is mostly about the social and economical aspects surrounding the design industry. It is aimed at understanding quality and the necessary mechanisms to achieve it, as well as how design products become part of everyone’s lives.

Being independent of any establishment, due to the intrinsic freedom to define the what-to-do, the why-doing-it and the how-to-do-it, with a fairly high level of risk control, makes it easier to address complex issues like sustainability or cultural identity, as well as other social issues surrounding the manufacture of utilitarian goods, in order to try out ideas that could then be applied on a bigger scale.

The collection is composed by a dining table, a family of stools and small tables, a system of sofa-side tables, a family of lamps, a dining chair, a double bed and a candle light holder, all produced in Portugal using national materials only."

- Gonçalo Prudêncio 

Enoturismo Herdade do Esporão (photo: Alexandre Delmar + João Messias)

Lounge The Lisbonaire (photo: Francisco Bahia Nogueira) collection (photos: António Nascimento)

 Adega dos Canários (architecture by TernulloMelo Architects, photos by Maria Rita + Pedro Sadio)

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