Monday, 28 October 2013

Architecture References - Andri & Yiorgos Residence, by Vardastudio Architects and Designers

Andri & Yiorgos Residence
Chloraka, Cyprus
Vardastudio Architects and Designers , Cyprus
Photos: Creative Photo Room

Project's description on ARCHDAILY [by the architect]:
"Formally the house is composed as two volumes on two levels, externally distinguished by materials, whilst coming together internally through a concise interior design that integrates the living spaces. The corten steel clad upper floor sits atop the extraordinarily smooth fairface concrete ground floor, and opens up to the rear creating a sheltered L-shaped veranda. At ground floor the living area also opens up to a rear deck and a garden beyond. Material finishes and edges were detailed carefully to tie together with the formal concept and create a building that appears inevitable and effortlessly designed."
 -  Vardastudio Architects and Designers 

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