Friday 13 June 2014

The furniture design work of Branca Lisboa

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Sent by BRANCA LISBOA, from Portugal


Today we share in our blog a Portuguese furniture design brand - "Branca Lisboa" is directed by Portuguese designer Marco Sousa Santos and focus its work on a deep research that takes into account the aesthetic and structural qualities of the final product.

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"BRANCA is a Portuguese product and accessory label for the home, designed and art directed by Portuguese Designer Marco Sousa Santos.   

BRANCA’s presents a product collection where each piece is the result of an experimental approach, supported by detailed research into the aesthetic and structural qualities of the materials, taking pride in working with high quality craft producers, combining their handmade skills with the latest digital production tools.  

BRANCA products represent design diligence, as each one is the result of ongoing dialogue and experiments between the craftsman and the designer. Designs are only launched once function, quality, ergonomics, structural integrity, finish and appearance come together as a whole.  

By uniting Portuguese craftsmanship traditions with contemporary aesthetics, BRANCA aims to reignite the bygone era when products were developed with patience, expertise, knowledge and integrity, aiming to truly reach the level of a high-end international product brand.  

Marco Sousa Santos is a Portuguese designer who has been working across several fields of design and design management.  

Since 1995, as the founder and director of Proto Design and Experimenta Design, he has promoted several projects and design collections with national and foreign authors, contributing to the new “vision” on Design Culture in Portugal.  

As a designer, Marco Sousa Santos is firmly rooted amongst a generation of designers who have built a strong international reputation for contemporary Portuguese design. His projects and products have been displayed in institutions of reference, such as the V&A in London, MOMA Store in New York, the Triennale of Milan and the Salon du Meuble in Paris, featured alongside some of the world’s most prestigious designers.  

Marco Sousa Santos is also Professor of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. He locates his studio in the Portuguese capital and from there, he works with many Portuguese producers with whom he has established dynamic partnerships for his new-born BRANCA-LISBOA furniture label."

- Branca Lisboa


The Aya dinning Armchair has the clear purpose for being a reinvented “classic” looking chair.

Its structure has been reduced to the essencial points of resistance and its thinness has been achieved by keeping the main conventional structural bridges.

Although the flexible and bending feeling when used, the traditional wood joinery technique and the natural flexibility of solid wood grants its high resistance.



The Curva low chair was designed to be a comfortable easy chair.

Its shell shape unites back and arms in one single body allowing a dynamic ergonomy.

With it’s bold look the Curva Chair is the “Uggly Duck” of Branca-Lisboa collection.



Dining table in natural oak wood.



XTICK light is a multitask LED lamp.

Like a chameleon, XTICK adapts to a broad number of lighting tasks all around your place. 

With a 3,5 watt LED light and 12 volts powered, XTICK is made out of natural Cork or solid wood, and it is attachable to most of your inhouse metal surfaces. 

The 5 strong magnets inside XTICK body will let you play around the L metal “dock” platform for the most appropriated light direction. 

Provided with two metal L shape platform it may be placed right at your desk for common reading and working or as a self standing book shelf. 

Nonetheless you may start exploring the existing metal surfaces you might have all around the house and you will invent many useful ways to use it.



The W.01 is inspired both by formal and structural biological references.

The structure appears to be a shell natural development and it’s form evolves like a natural body composed by vertebra and spine, working as natural force and weight distribution.

Ergonomically, the Shell is a “pillow container” where, according each user, can be adjusted or filled with less or more pillows.

The chair is delivered with 4 natural cotton long pillows.


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