Wednesday 7 May 2014

Projects Wanted - The Fabric, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

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The Fabric
Barcelona, Spain
Pepe Gascón Arquitectura, Spain

Year: 2011

"An industrial building in the premises of an old early twentieth-century textile factory in Terrassa, a leading cityin Catalonia’s textile industry, has been refurbished and equipped as an office. 

Prior to the intervention, the whole building had false ceilings, plaster-covered walls, et cetera, and wesuspected that they concealed the magnificent architecture that characterised the majority of the great textilemills of the beginning of the twentieth century.

Besides stabilising the construction, the intervention was minimal, devoting the greater part of the effort toremoving coverings and other subsequent additions which, we believe, do not contribute anything to thebuilding (but, rather, the contrary) with the aim of recovering the original form of the building.

In addition to stripping these unwanted layers from the structure, it was decided to respect some of the laterelements such as fans and an overhead crane, and to leave visible drainpipes as well as cuts and holes made inthe walls.

Finally, wooden frames, the hydraulic cement tiled paving and the solid handmade brick wall, all elements ofgreat expressive power, were left on display to produce a very high quality space."

- Pepe Gascón Arquitectura 


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