Wednesday 8 January 2014

Projects Wanted - Google Office Moscow, by Camenzind Evolution

Following our invitation, the Swiss Architecture office Camenzind Evolution sent us four projects featuring Google offices in Moscow, Tel Aviv, Dublin and Zurich. We chose the Google Russia office to be published in first place - this interior and fit-out project was developed between January and October of 2010, and presents a net lettable floor area of 2600 sqm and 155 workstations.

We are open to receive projects from all around the world, regardless of their dimension or typology. Please send us high quality photos (indicating their authors), drawings and descriptive texts in English to our Marketing e-mail - It will be our pleasure to help spreading new Architecture concepts and ideas.

"The new Google office in Moscow is unique and inspiring on many levels as it embraces the local identity and the wants and wishes of the employees. It is immediately welcoming, warm and inviting, relaxed yet focused, comfy and still serious as it provides functional and diverse work environments throughout. 

Designed with direct input and collaborative engagement of the local Googlers, the new home brings together, previously separated in two locations, engineering, sales, marketing and corporate services, identifying commonalities, essential needs and the collective spirit of the Googlers. 

Throughout the design process, the research, analysis and resulting data showed that Moscow employees were strongly aligned with the global identity and values of Google, but they also had a strong desire to reflect these values from a local point of view. They wanted the design to emphasize warmth and family, to reflect the needs of individuals over corporate standards, and they clearly wanted the office to have a strong Russian identity - defined by its rich literature, poetry and natural beauty.

The resulting interior architecture triumphs as it celebrates the culture of the Russian Googlers. Visitors are immediately welcomed at the main reception desk formed out of finely crafted brockwork mirroring the Kremlin's grand architectural heritage. And in typical Google style, it's playful and fun - with areas set aside for video games and ping-pong.

The cafeteria was inspired by a classical Russian dining chamber. The food buffets are clad in rich handmade tiles produced by local monks and the ceiling structures reflect light through motifs reminiscent of St. Basil's and its wondrous ornaments. 

The main office area is light, airy and open, with beautiful views over Old Moscow Centre and the Kremlin. Meeting rooms and informal collaboration areas surround and support the workspace. These are delicately designed at a human, almost residential scale and unified through the use of subtle graphics telling tales from childhood cartoons, movies and fanciful fairytales.

And finally, in the heart of the office there is a special place for Googlers to gather informally in a comfortable, casual setting. It's a large coffee lounge and break area that is super cozy and relaxed. It's a place to unwind, work or quietly converse with coworkers - under a whimsical tree where the mood is magical."

- Camenzind Evolution


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