Friday, 23 May 2014

Make It - giving shape to new products ideas

Design, Innovation, Entrepeneurship

Sent by Gonçalo Prudêncio, from Portugal

After having published the furniture collection, today we share the new project from GPOD | Gonçalo Prudêncio Office for Design - Make It. This project gathers a number of independent manufacturers in order to give shape to new products, mostly related with furniture design.


"Make it is a new service offered by GPOD | Gonçalo Prudêncio Office for Design. Due to our everyday work, we've built a wide and very reliable network of manufacturers that can be of use to make ideas happen. Either you have an idea for a piece of furniture for your home, or you are a brand or entrepreneur developing a new product, we can be of use to you! Contact us to present your product idea, and we will work with you fine-tuning it, and set up a production system to have it produced within your budget and delivered according to your schedule." 

- Gonçalo Prudêncio


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