Friday 6 December 2013

Another set of illustrations by André Chiote - Sports' Buildings

The Portuguese architect André Chiote released a new set of architecture illustrations, this time under the theme of Sports Buildings. André Chiote kindly sent us these new illustrations to be published on our blog, 9 months after the first post that addressed to his first illustration works, under the theme of Museums.

Below we publish the architecture illustrations ceded by André Chiote, this time complemented by an introduction written by the architect. Consult the architect's blog to have access to other of its projects.
"When I first began my Project on developing architectural illustrations I selected buildings which underlined a specific functional program with acknowledged impact on contemporary society.My previous approach took me through museums all over the world, as I found they could stand as emblematic icons with such a strong ability of recognition that I could synthesize each of them in a expressive graphic composition. The mass culture and it’s power to project symbols which can represent the collective urban memory helped me to pick up my new design subject, Sport’s buildings. Sport’s capacity to gather crowds builds true contemporary cathedrals."

- André Chiote 

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