Friday, 6 September 2013

"Futurospective Architecture" - Sou Fujimoto exhibition in CCB (Lisbon)

The cultural space CCB (Centro Cultural de Belém, located in Lisbon) is preparing to host Sou Fujimoto's exhibition "Futurospective Architecture", starting next week (Tuesday) and remaining open for visits until November 17th. The exhibition's first day will be ticked by the presence of the Japanese architect in a free entrance conference, in which Fujimoto will be presenting this particular collection of works of his autorship. The conference will happen in CCB's main auditorium by 9.30 PM. 

The exhibition addresses the theme of the relation between interior and exterior in Architecture. The entire exhibition concept and content was selected and structured by the architect himself.

"I think the Architecture of the future will be like a forest. In the forest, leaves, insects and seeds [...], a whole bunch of different things truly coexist and are related. It is this diversity that attracts me, a wealth born from space, between order and chaos. If an Architecture is created as Forest, will be a place of complexity, rich in diversity, far beyond what exists in the Architecture and in the cities of today. And its inhabitants will be an organic part of this diversity. The projects shown here are attempts to create new notions of nature and man-made environments, such as the forest-dimensional, geometric forest, urban forest, etc., " says the Japanese architect.

"Futurospective Architecture" is open from Tuesday to Sunday in "Garagem Sul" space in CCB, from 10 AM to 6 PM. The entrance ticket's cost is 2€. 

House N, Sou Fujimoto
Sou Fujimoto designed this year's Serpentine Gallery Pavillion

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