Friday 27 September 2013

Dashes and Dots - the Illustration work of Marta Nunes

We met Marta Nunes when she was part of Arrebita's second team, a social project which we are partners as cost consultants. After she ended her three-months period working with Arrebita we kept following her, namely the work she has been developing in the area of Illustration. The quality of this work led us to invite Marta to send us some of her drawings to be published in our blog, invitation that she kindly accepted. To get to know more about Marta and her Artworks, visit her page at

We are now working with Marta to organise some initiatives together regarding her intervention on Fine Arts, so we hope to publish more news soon.

"I was born in 1984 and soon began to draw. To talk about me is to talk of dashes and dots - illustration. - Photography . - Architecture.

Beyond the Morse code, participated with drawings, photographs, projects and words in several magazines. Performed group and solo exhibitions in the areas of Photography and Illustration. With regard to Architecture participated in project Arrebita, held in Porto. Sign and produce by the brand Ediota.

"To draw is in fact looking with your eyes, observe, discover. Draw is learning to see, to watch being born, to grow, to develop, to “kill” things and people. It takes to draw to bring to our inside what was seen and what will then be then inscribed in our memory for a lifetime. " © Le Corbusier

To draw values both ​​instinctive and intuitive processes and who draws knows that each design is an unique moment, a circumstance synthesis. The perception will help how we apprehend reality, representation is an individual expression, and the trace is the "fingerprint ". It is a travel between the outside world around us and the inner one where we deposit all the memories. To draw is the simplest way to access the pictures of our unconscious, and to use what’s in there coded in dots and lines, is the expression of something that does not exist otherwise. It is the simplest form of communication and aesthetic expression to which we are sensitive to. The drawing is sharing of feelings and emotions, is part of our nature as it is the act of speaking, is also a form of language, is perhaps the primordial form to build ideas. This sharing means the representation of images that we have built on the real and mental worlds that define us.

The drawing is fluid for me, a continuous line, but sometimes need breaks to choose one or another word. Intuitively one seeks for stronger forms of each representation, as an almost blind single gesture, becomes a memory of something physical .

What interests me is the line, with this gesture wherewith arises Architecture, a dash fluid that becomes abstract and transforms into a handrail, at the rhythm of a facade, into a volume that will be in constant change. I cannot think without images and lines and there is not - for me – Architecture without drawing."

- Marta Nunes

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