Friday 14 December 2012

ShelterbyGG - a habitable sculpture

This project was created by the artist Gabriela Gomes to integrate Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture. The challenge was to bring to the public space an habitable object, with sculptural and Design characteristics.

This module includes a double bedroom, a WC and a multipurpose zone at the centre of the interior space. It presents a strong aesthetic component, given by its peculiar form. The module was built only with Portuguese materials, mostly cork, that assured the acoustic and thermal efficiency. 

This project crosses Sculpture, Design and also Architecture - was also worked by the architect Sérgio Bessa. It also has a slope related to the sustainability: this module can be installed anywhere and be totally independent, due to the solar panels that give electrical energy to the habitation. Also, all the materials used in the construction are eco-friendly. 

We met the creators of this project also at Projecto Casa 2012. Check out more information on the official website (

All the photos above were taken by João Morgado.



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