Thursday, 13 December 2012

New partner in the Architecture reportage area - ARCHMOV

ARCHMOV was launched recently by the Portuguese Architecture photographer Ivo Tavares. We met Ivo and his project at the tradeshow Projecto Casa, where we had the opportunity to talk about possible partnerships between us. ARCHMOV is a concept of Architecture in Motion, which features the video format as an alternative to the photographic reportage.

Consult ARCHMOV's website to watch the first video of the project.

"The ARCHMOV team believes that can help you to empower your business by transforming your architecture projects into video, and spread them worldwide. 

ARCHMOV uses internet power and video performance to reach and connect with a large network of fans, equal peers, enterprises and potencial clients. Our goal is to reveal your architecture projects in a small presenteation video on the web, attracting an audience of millions who interact, work, post, discuss and share trough social media."

- in ARCHMOV website (

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